become an ambassador

Have you ever wanted to be the ambassador of a cool brand?

We are excited to announce that we have launched our new ambassador program that is for absolutely anyone. It will take over from our previous Teacher 20 scheme, so if you are wondering why your old codes don't work its because we have something even better in store for you.

Become an am-badass-ador and help to spread the OHSOSOM word whilst earning rewards in the process. This is how..

1. To begin the process you need to purchase our "BECOME AND AMBASSADOR" product on our website. It will cost you S$98. (the price of one of our pairs of leggings).

 2. Once we have recieved the payment, you will recieve a code for your store credit via email. Please note that this can take up to 24 hours. You can then use the code to buy anything online. The store credit will have to be used in one purchase, and it does not include shipping. Please add your instagram name to the notes at checkout.

3. You will then recieve a discount code for your friends and followers to use for 10% off anything online for 3 months. At the end of the 3 months we will let you know how many times your code has been used and for how much. You will the receive 10% off the total amount spent in store credit. oh yes!

4. You can begin to use your discount code straight away if you already have some of our products, or if you just want to add us to your bio, but we won't start the 3 months until your receive your products. Please send us an email once your recieve your items, so we know when to start the clock. If not the 3 months will begin from the time of the orignal purchase.

Please make sure to mention us in the original caption of your post and to tag us so we can see it. It's a must! For example, Marysia Leggings from @OHSOSOM. Use code "xxxx" for 10% off anything online. #ohsosomAmbassador )

We will repost some of the best posts, so then our followers may become your followers and the family grows. So make sure your pics are killer. 

Don't worry if you are already an ambassador with another brand, if they don't mind, we don't mind sharing you!

Teachers get in touch before you make your purchase. (wink wink) 



Marysia Do   jodie akinci
                MARYSIA DO                                          JODIE AKINCI                                          
                       USA                                                      MALAYSIA