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I just wanted to apologise about the Fit & Fabulous February, I am so sorry that it just stopped. Life got the better of me! So I thought I would update you all on the wild world of SOM, to give you a little more insight as to why I just couldn't carry on.

Some of you might know i am new (ish) mama, my son is almost 15 months (that's annoying Mum speak to 1 year and 3 months. haha... don't you hate that.. "my son is 24 months old". .... um no, your son is 2!!!!. Though i do have to say that the other day someone asked how old Teddy was, so i told her he was one, and she look so confused and said, "one month???" ) Anyway, I am a new-ish mum, and i don't have any help, which is pretty uncommon here in Singapore, so I don't have any help and i am trying to do all the things, at the same time, by myself with one hand. yay.

Firstly OHSOSOM just moved warehouses, which was a pain, but so worth it. It's not completely sorted out, there are some technical issues, but we are figuring them out and finding our feet. Nothing that will affect you guys, but still a couple of teething problems. Our new team is so amazing though, we love them.

On top of that we are currently working with a new manufacturer, and as much as I love their efforts, it's been a little painful. They have great workmanship, great printing, but they invariably nod yes to my requests, BUT the outcome has been bizarre. Remember when you were a little kid at school, and your teacher used to say, these are careless mistakes (or maybe that was my mum), haha well, that was definitely me at school, and that's exactly what i am deal with now. Careless mistakes. grrrrr. Sometimes I just don't understand, they show you one thing, the correct thing, then do the opposite. Haha why??? So after a lot of back and forths, we finally got there, for the moment. We are coming up with lots of great new things for OHSOSOM, which we think you will love, pants, tees, bras, lots of great new prints, and fun sexy but functional cuts. Aaaaaand we have also started designing for other people. Studios, gyms... we will let you in on our newest collaboration as soon as it is up and running! It's all very exciting, and we are loving it, but it's obviously very demanding.

Then something really great happened, that has nothing to so with OHSOSOM. I've been asked to exhibit a piece of artwork at the next Affordable Art Fair, here in Singapore. This is just so exciting, and totally unexpected!! It is a new craft for me, but I'm loving it so much, and i guess it's going pretty well. Now just cross your fingers for me that it sells. So, I'm working pretty hard on getting some work good enough to possibly exhibit ready in time. It's a pretty toxic material that I'm using, so I can't work with Teddy in the room. So night time and nap times, which can pretty pretty frustrating, especially when he decides he only wants to have a half hour nap!

This is one of my pieces, I fall in love with them all and then don't want to let them go.

khalsom som resin art - aegean 1



What else...god as i am writing this, I'm beginning to see how thin i am stretching myself. As well as all of this, I am trying to get a document together so we can get some funding for the company, so we can expand and bring you more wonderful things. Anyone want to give us some money?? haha... and oh yeah, I am trying to finish designing a new hotel we are planning on opening in Bali, and will need to get back into the finishing touches the one we are opening in Lombok. daaaah...

I'm beginning to feel like an octopus. or that I am in need to 8 limbs, literally. But I am not complaining, I feel very lucky to have all these amazing things in my life. I just need to prioritise i guess, and just be ok with not sleeping. (oh and we are in day 2 of night weaning. kill me.) So i am very sorry that i just couldn't complete the month, but filming and editing all the content was just a little too much, and my computer is pretty much up to its limit memory wise.  So inhale through the nose for 4, exhale through the nose for 8. I gotta go feed Teddy breakfast. 



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