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Khalsom Ibrahim

Posted on November 22 2017

So this is where it all began. 5 pairs of pants, 5 names, and the need to bring the local Asian yogis a brand that they could call their own.
So of we set, I'm not going to lie, it was hard, and it took a really, really long time to find a manufacturer that could 1, do what we wanted in the right quantities, 2, that was not going to screw us. Oh wait, no that totally happened.
Some times I think if we had been really lucky and found someone suitable straight away, where would be be now?!? ... but that wasn't the case so, c'est la vie!
So after much designing and deliberation, we came up with our first 5, our OGs, Jodie, Lorraine, Marysia, Bexy ( actually i renamed her from Carina), and Ros.
Each one named after a special woman, so I thought i would tell you a little bit about who they are. 
JODIE - Our original pineapple pants, and one of our all time best sellers. Named after my lovely friend, OHSO Ambassador and Queen of Cakes (@jodiedailybakes). As blonde as she is, Jodie has pretty much grown up in Malaysia most of her life, she's a true tropical chick and lover of pineapples, so it only seemed fitting to name the first pair after her. She was always there to tell me whether ideas where shit or not, one of those true friends that will bend over backwards to help you, and is always ready with the wine and a gossip when you need to let loose. Everyone needs a Jodie in their life!!
LORRAINE - Named after my mama, though i very much doubt she would ever wear these! Even back in the day, Raine was always clad in all black with dark glasses, she was effortlessly cool, and totally terrifying to many of my school friends. A fav top i remember her picking us up from school in, had BITCH written across the front. Yup, BITCH, Beautiful, Intelligent, Thoughtful, Charming and Headstrong! hah, she thought this was totally acceptable school pick up attire. so good. Even though she was clad in black, she was sunshine in our lives, the go to person when ever there was anything wrong, and she still is. These pants are inspired by the setting sun, a beautiful sun set filled will all the most wonderful colours, and as much as she loves to dress in black, she likes to live in a world filled with all the colours of the rainbow. I'm like that too!
MARYSIA - Many of you know who I'm talking about. @marysia_do She's bite sized, but larger than life. A wonderful teacher that got half of the Singapore' yogis hands on the ground and feet in the air. If you ever get a chance to take her class or workshop, you totally should. She's bold, beautiful and a total badass.
BEXY - Yes they were originally named CARINA, and to be honest i don't know anyone named Carina, but they were the sister pants to our CATRINA pants, that didn't make the cut till a bit later (its complicated), anyway i decided to name them CATRINA AND CARINA, twin sisters, one bad, one badder! But then i felt i wanted them to really mean something, and i thought of the most badass babe i knew at uni. Bexy, aka Bex, aka Rebecca, the wild mama who made every day and night, and trip to New York that much more fun.
ROS - Ros is a wonderfully talented architect that i used to work with, back in the days before OHSOSOM. She painstakingly hand drew the city tree pretty much to scale, just for us! You can check out Ros' other amazing drawings on instagram @otherworldyhello , so of course we named the pants after her. 
So there you have it. 5 fantastic ladies that started the pack. Since then we have added 18 other wonderful women to the crew. Who's next???
the first five


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