Stretches for a lazy day on the beach.

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We all love a little laze about in the sun. Wasting the day away on the beach, by the pool, in the park. You know what I'm talking about.

I've been coming to this beach since before I can remember...each decade a different bringing a way to fill the day. I remember roasting myself for hours on end, in the days before I cared about my skin and thought i would never age. Hah how things have changed.

I have to say it is so amazing to watch my son experience all of this for the first time. The sea, the sand (which he isn't to sure about just yet) the peace, the quiet. This magical place is Alang's Rawa on Rawa Island in Malaysia. It's my home away from home.

teddy at the beach

As much as it is awesome to indulge in doing "nothing", it's good to keep your body moving, even if it's only slightly, so you don't get to stiff and uncomfortable. So i thought why not give you a few stretches you can do while your lazing the day away, then you can spend even more time doing "nothing"!!

So roll up off your back, or front, and give yourself a little stretch out, you'll definitely feel better and more relaxed.


SIDE STRETCHES - sitting in a cross legged position, or on your knees in Vadrasana. Bring right hand out to the right, resting on the ground, left up and over head. Keeping your torso square and facing forward, stretch over the right. Keep your shoulder awa from your ear and try and lengthen both sides of your body. Chin away from your chest. Switch sides.


SEATED TWISTS - seating in an easy cross legged position or on your knees in Vadrasana. Bring left hand to right knee, right hand on the ground behind you. Inhale lift up, exhale twist to the right, look behind you. Switch sides.


HEAD ROLLS - sitting in a comfortable seat, roll your head slowly round in one direction, then move round in the opposite direction.


WHAT I LIKE TO CALL A CROSS  LEGGED CAMEL STRETCH - in a cross leg position bring both hands on the ground behind you. Lift the hips up and forward. Push up through the chest. Hold.


SUPTA BADDAKONASANA - BUTTERFLY POSE - bring soles of the feet together. Holding onto your feet, lift up and out of your waist, fold forward. Use elbows to gently ease legs closer to the ground.


SEATED WIDE LEGED FORWARD FOLD - sit with legs out side. Fold forward gently resting your hand or elbows on the ground in front of you. You can totally do this and sip on a pina colada at the same time!



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  • I love Rawa Island. Thanks for the tips.

    Sarah on

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