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Posted on December 03 2017


OHSOSOM has landed on even sunnier shores from which we came. Yup, our Middle Eastern friends can now find our products in several stores around the GCC.

Namaste – Bahrain
Yoga House– UAE
Kata & Asana – UAE 
Fit Republik – UAE
Surf House - UAE
Inspire - UAE
Piloga - UAE
Exhale - UAE

A little back story, I was contacted by friend of my brothers from a long, long time ago. So long in fact, that in my mind, this guy is 10 with blonde curtains! Introducing, Kyle Plumbe.

We started chatting, and after not very much persuasion we decided to get OHSOSOM out to Kyle so he could spread the word, and sell the shit out of it. Which he did! and we are so grateful, thank you Kyle.

Kyle has also set up his own online store which serves all your yoga needs, apparel, block, mats, straps... On top of that, he has built an amazing team of OHSOSOM brand ambassadors, so I thought I would share a little about who they are, and what they have been up to.




Michaela is classically trained ballet dancer, and now resides in Dubai, after having performed all over the world. She combines Pilates, Yoga and HIIT to ensure that she is looking tip top and avoiding injury. In 2013 she qualified as a Body Control Pilates Matwork instructor and a Level Three personal trainer.

Michaela wears Indre Leggings $98 and Indre Laced-up Bra $70.





Domia loves all things fitness, she's an avid Spartan and Desert Warrior (how cool does that sound!!) and those are only a few of her personal accomplishments. Two years ago, she decided to share her love of fitness, and help others achieve their goals of a fit and healthy lifestyle. Apart from personal training, Domia also offers nutritional advice and online programmes to help people no matter where they are.

Domia wear Emiko Capri leggings $92 and Peace Out Tee $50.




@blackcrow.ashtangi + @acro.mel

Aime MacDonald

Aime is a yogi of the world, she's trained in Canada, Qatar and India, under several highly regarded teachers, completing a total of 500hr YTT.  Her journey began in 2008, and has taken her to focus on Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, as she loves the fact that it challenges both the mind and body. She currently lives in Doha and teaches at Yama Yoga Studio.

Melissa Manuel

I don't think there is anything that this girl can't do!! Melissa is a professional performer, instructor and model, in Acro, aerial, pole and contortion!! yup.

Hailing from Canada, Mel now lives in the Middle East, sharing her knowledge, and actively growing the acrobatic community, in a healthy and safe way. Encouraging students to explore and understand movement and their body.

Aime + Melissa wear Teja Leggings $98.




@chelseebeyga / @beachbodybabesdubai

In 2012 Chelsee set off building up her skills as personal trainer and Boxfit instructor, and creating and cultivating her own brand. In 2017 Chelsee and her fiance Damon, founded Team DC, a personal training company based in Dubai. Team DC believes that "you are never too young, or too old to start making positive changes in your lifestyle", they will help you achieve your goals whether they are boxing, yoga, bodybuilding, you name it, they are there to help.

Chelsee wears Mish Leggings $98 and Mish Laced-up bra $70.





Emilia's journey to fitness started with her Dance and Art degree. Through dance, she began to understand the importance of health and fitness, and a balanced diet. With all those boxes ticked, Emilia found that yoga helped with more than just the physical body, but with her mind. Yoga provided a path to discipline, self reflection and awareness, she was taking care of her body in its entirety. Emilia is currently one of the head fitness and yoga instructors at Team DC.

Emilia wears Kristin Leggings $98. 





Tania believes yoga takes care of developing and ‘discovering’ ourselves on all levels : physical, emotional, psychological, intellectual and spiritual.

Tania has a deep belief that yoga is an ongoing journey, there is no end, no light at the end of the tunnel as they say, but lots of little lights all long the way. She believes it's important to be a forever student, always listening, always learning, attending all the workshops and classes that she can. Some of the inspiring teachers she has been fortunate enough to learn from are, Simon Borg-Oliver, Tao Porchon-Lynch, Kino MacGregor, Laura Kasperzak (@laurasykora) and Tara Stiles.

Tania wears Teja Leggings $98.



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