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Khalsom Ibrahim

Posted on July 04 2017


So as you probably have noticed, there are loads of cool, fun new workout classes out there, exercise is getting dy-nam-ic! Forget about doing the grapevine in a thong leotard, (though i have to say, I feel like traditional aerobics is probably going to make a come back!) people have got creative, so my friend Rachel Chan (from now on known as Chan, Chan- Chan or The Chan) and I have decided to try them out and report back to you lovely peeps.

Chan and Som pound bound

First up, POUND. Created by 2 women in 2011, both recreational drummers, both bored with the fitness offerings available to them, found themselves having to drum without a stool. Half squatting in front of a drum kit, pounding away, they realised just how much of a workout that was, and it was FUN, and so they came up with the idea of merging the two together, and there you have POUND!

"POUND is a place where the rhythm rules. Where the beat becomes us. At every age and any stage. Movement Musicians are born. We are a family of Fitness Rebels born to stand out, make noise and disrupt norms. We turn workouts into Jam Sessions and balance into a lifestyle. We’re not afraid to turn up the volume -in class, as humans, or in life." 

If you don't love everything about that description, well, you need to check yourself and go back an re read it! 

So The Chan and I donned our most rock n' roll stripy tights and headed over to Wellaholic.

In a tiny class of 5, Chan-Chan  made us take front and center so there was no chance of missing a step. hah. Now if you have sensitive ears, then you may want to consider ear plugs, because it gets loud! Like loud, loud! It's awesome. We had 2 lovely teachers leading the way, Samuel and I'm so sorry I can't remember the other teachers name. (so so sorry if you are reading this) The class was fast and fun, lots of squats and lunges, fills and thrills. I swear I looked over at Rachel, excuse me, The Chan, at one point, and she looked like she was drumming at Wembley, haha it was epic!

It's weird, because I totally felt fine throughout the class. It definitely gets your heart rate up, and you start to sweat for sure, but not like one of those cardio classes where you actually want to puke. (like spinning. ugh) this was tough but doable, it was great, I probably could have done it twice! Haha, maaaybe. But wow I obviously underestimated the effect it had on my body, because the next day, that evening in fact, my god my thighs were killing, and my sides, where my lovely love handles are. wowzers ouch. All in all, it was totally awesome and I would definitely do it again. Try it! Invite me along, I'll come with you.

pound class wellaholic

 The Chan wears KRISTIN LEGGING & KISS MY ASANA TANK. Som wears EMIKO CAPRIS and FREEDOM TO FLOW (both coming soon, oh yes!) SHOP NOW

Wellaholic is a pretty unique spot in Singapore, if you hadn't already guessed, its all about everything wellness. Established in 2016, and located on Penhas Road, Wellaholic has an in-house doctor, pharmacist, and fitness instructors, all available to answer any questions you might have. Come in for a Pound class, then treat yourself to a facial , and top it off by taking home some of their very own supplements and beauty products, all made of the highest quality ingredients. 



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