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FIRE FITNESS OHSOSOMKL peeps, if you haven't heard of Fire Fitness then I guess you've been living under a rock, or maybe out in space?? 

Fire Fitness is KL's premier, uber trendy fitness spot, with 2 locations, Jalan Batai and Mont Kiara. Fire will turn your idea of what a gym is, on it's head. Classes are dark, loud and full of attitude, the good kind! 

The trainers are at the top of their game, providing a perfect atmosphere for you to let loose and get your sweat on. 

Obviously as the perfect fit, we had the pleasure of producing Fire Fitness's first tester line of clothing, Fire Threads. The brief was to create a geometric fire, something edgy and cool, and easy to wear, but still made you stand out from the crowd. Sounded just like what we want for our own line. So after several back and forths  with Tanya and Tracy from Fire, we came up 2 designs of leggings and 2 signature tanks that really embodied the Fire woman.

Bespoke wholesaling is a service that we recently launched. The idea is that you get a product that speaks to your client and is totally your own, but for the price you would normally pay to wholesale an existing brands product, that is likely being sold by several other outlets. We create a product exclusively for you. Win win.




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