8 things the travelling yogi needs.

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In the current world of social media, mass marketing and the quest for the perfect picture ( because it didn't happen if its not on Instagram, right?) we have picked out 8 important things that you need for that special vaycay. 8 essentials to make sure you are comfortable, stylish and all set up to capture those perfect shots and memories.

Here are the things we picked...

8 things the travelling yogi needs

1. Travelling leggings. You need something comfortable, flattering and a great fit, so they are perfect for the plane, or doubling up for a night out on the town. Pair it with a little top and some heels and away you go. Try our Jet Black leggings (coming soon). They are sexy sleek, and don't look too sporty.

2. Phone. Make sure your phone has a great camera and is all charged up with enough juice to capture those perfect moments. We never leave home without our iPhone 7. The camera is fantastic. Alternatively you can use a actual camera, we normally travel with both.

3. Statement leggings. We all know it takes more than just a beautiful backdrop to make the perfect picture, your outfit really plays a big part too. So we suggest packing a pair or statement leggings that will really stand out amongst any backdrop. Try our Kristin Leggings, S$98. These leggings photograph extremely well, they are sure to make any photo that much more exciting.

4. Travel yoga mat. There is nothing more annoying that not being able to practice because there aren't any yoga mats, or the ones that they do have, stink! If you are worried about your baggage allowance, then not to worry, todays travel mats are super light. We love the Liforme Travel Mat, S$215 from Touch The Toes, or www.liforme.com. It only weighs 1.6kg and is made of natural rubber and eco-polyurethane. Dimensions: 180cm long x 66cm wide, 2mm thickness. It's the best mat we've ever tried for sure.

5. Notebook. Because you never know when you need to jot something down! We love this cute little book from Creative Playground www.creativeplayground.com.sg S$7.50. Set your intentions!

6. Sarong/Scarf. This is the ultimate necessity in any girls luggage. You can wear it to dress up an outfit, to keep warm, with a bikini, as something to lie on, to cover up at a temple. The choices are endless. Don't leave home without one! We love this little number we bought on the street in Lombok.

7. Phone Stand. So as we mentioned, the importance of getting that perfect shot is going to be greatly helped by having a phone stand. We've all had to look around in the past for something to lean your phone against, or trying to stretch your arm out as far as you can to get that perfect selfie (without using a selfie stick!) This way you can film your yoga flows, or snap some great shots with your camera at the perfect angle.

8. "Carry on" sized toiletry bag. Flying really dehydrates our skin, so it's really important that we keep hydrated, and we don't just mean by drinking water. Our lips and skin can really benefit from some high in the sky love. We suggest putting together a little toiletry bag with all the essentials. First get yourself a clear toiletry bag, that way you don't have to worry about emptying your carry on luggage at security. We love this set of 3, and it's only S$8.29 from www.lazada.com

clear toiletry bags

Here are some of the things we like.

    1. Lip Balm. Moroccan Lip Balm from Hand-Made Heroes. S$6.90. 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free. No parabens, preservatives or synthetic chemicals.
    2. Hand Moisturiser. Sephora Hand Moisturiser Peony S$9.00. 
    3. Face Moisturiser. First Aid & Beauty, Ultra Repair Face Moisturiser. S$40
    4. Cleansing Wipes. Sephora Cleansing Water Coconut Water. S$10.
    5. Spray Mist. Balm Kitchen Revitalising Skin Mist S$36.00.
    6. Eye Mask. Running on Champagne from Typo. S$11.99.
    7. Toothbrush. Foldable toothbrush from Muji. S$3.30.
    8. Deodorant. Sephora Collection Deodorant Spray S$9.00. Paraben and Aluminium salt free. yogi travel toiletries


All prices were correct at time of publication.
We have not been compensated by any of the companies to promote their products.



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