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FEATURE : What it's really like working with manufacturers!!!!!

Khalsom Ibrahim

Posted on September 09 2015

FEATURE : What it's really like working with manufacturers!!!!!

If anyone is planning on starting to produce their own products using a manufacturer abroad, well there is one lesson in particular that i get taught time and time again. Detail, detail, deeeeeetail!!!! Make sure you feed them every little piece of information, even if you think it's completely obvious. It's not.

I'm not sure why i still have not learnt this!! ugh.

We are currently trying out new designs and new fabrics... and i was so excited when a new sample arrived yesterday. That excitement was replaced with shock and horror when i realised that the pants that are meant to be a size US 6, are probably more like a 16! And even though i am 7 months pregnant, that just wasn't going to work!! Fabric feels great though... and the previous issue with printing black seems to be non existant! weeeeeeeee.... So a crazy mix of emotions.

Ahhh... so back to making a new sample that will hopefully arrive in no time. Fingers and toes crossed! So hopefully we have something new and awesome for you around mid October! 

Cross those toes for us.

Peace & Pineapples

Som x

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  • angelina: November 05, 2016

    hi. great article! May I know where is the good place to manufacture sportswear?

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