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Khalsom Ibrahim

Posted on November 22 2014


So we have just been on a little trip to the UK and Greece... to be honest i was just tagging along, but i thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take some pretty awesome shots.

The samples were ready at the same time so it seemed like all the stars were aligned perfectly. ha. So the samples left for London before we did... I spent a week watching the FedEx tracking service. All fingers and toes crossed that they would arrive on time.

The days were ticking by, luckily i had some of the old samples, so we managed to get a few shots in London..being barefoot was not fun though. My little Asian toes were freezing.

Unfortunately the new samples did not arrive till we were on our way to the airport to head to Greece. Typical. So off we went in one plane, and off the samples went in another.

Monday morning was promised, and Monday morning went by. Of course they arrived right in the middle of an annual protest...but my amazing husband managed to wade through the crowds, shouting random Greek words out along with the crowd to make it though, and into the barricaded hotel. Scary stuff.

The weather turned out to be glorious the next day, and we managed to get some fantastic shots..we were shooed away from one spot, but managed to get a pretty good shot before that happened. Shame about all the people in the background. oh hum.

All the sample turned out great, except one pair, which made me look like Mr. Blobby. We will not be making those. hah.

So the order will go in next week and we should have the line ready for sale within a month.

So excited, can't believe everything is finally falling into place.


Love Som


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