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I've never really been into the idea of a blog. Putting yourself out there, feeling like you need to be funny in order to capture anyones attention for more and a second.

So I've decided to do this for me, almost like a diary...and if i anyone is interested in the ups and downs and general goings on of trying to start a small business, then great, if not, then at least i have something to look back on and remind me of this journey.

So after countless hours of building up this website, making our first batches of ohsoWristCandy, photographing it, loads of Instagram posts (@ohsosom)..we are ready to post out our first few orders!! And in fantastic 'Gikas' fashion (anyone who knows us, knows that my husband is one of the luckiest people on the planet, and everything works out for him at the very last minute, which is when he usually leaves everything until!) So in true Gikas fashion, our little ohsoSom stickers have arrived in time to seal those envelopes and make their way to wrists in Germany and Singapore.


We just want to thank the lovely people that have supported us, it really means the world. We hope you love your ohsoWristCandy.

Lots more fun stuff coming from us soon.




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